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Career Opportunities

Our team has a wealth of industry knowledge and we’re highly experienced in customising energy solutions for our clients in all energy sub-sectors. We train Belusi team members in sectoral specialisms, each one working collaboratively with the client to develop needs-based, tailored solutions. The team stays on top of the latest trends in innovation, markets and political events affecting our clients. If you want to work in a knowledge-driven environment where you’re considered an integral team member, get in touch with us by email or telephone. Our working culture is 100% geared to using the expertise we equip you with to deliver an outstanding service to the clients.

Because we pride ourselves on being dynamic and adaptable, as a member of our team you receive ongoing continuing professional development. We will give you detailed briefings on market, tax, economic or technological changes that affect your customers, to ensure that you’re the best energy solutions expert out there.

We offer highly competitive pay and you can work on flexi-hours, part-time or full-time. We incentivise you to engage with your role as a customer service official with fervour through financial bonus schemes and a clear rewards ladder.

Employee Empowerment

We employ people who can demonstrate that they will autonomously involve themselves in the business. We want you to play an active role in the future of Belusi, identifying areas for continuous improvement. We offer highly competitive pay with many additional benefits in return for your initiative and engagement.

  • We have a consultative approach (360-degree performance evaluations; regular team feedback meetings)
  • We have a continuous improvement approach (manager-staff process appraisals; biannual reviews of internal operations)
  • We have a knowledge building approach (professional development training sessions; frequent updates and briefings)

Why Choose Us

Financial Reward

Competitive pay, bonuses & other rewards

Skills Development

Comprehensive induction & sector specialist training

Inclusive Environment

A team-based working culture that values you

Promotion Opportunities

Strong management and promotion prospects