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Supply Chain

The Belusi network covers the full path of the supply chain, incorporating exploratory operations, sources of supply, refineries energy storage specialists, transportation experts, installation firms, wholesalers and retailers. This enables us to guarantee a reliable flow of products.

We’re a global network with access to energy sources worldwide, so at the extraction stage (for non-renewables) and the manufacturing and design stage (for renewables) we already have a distinct advantage in terms of lowering prices.

We source your energy based on our core priorities of quality and price. Our crude oil and natural gas extraction firms and our refined product producers work with business across all industries in North America and Europe.

Systematic quality checks are in place along the whole supply chain at Belusi. We run assessments of product quality at source, we run regulation compliance checks at the storage and transportation points, and we proof the final product upon delivery.

At the transportation stage, our storage firms and logistics fleets are industry-accredited, quality-focused, highly experienced players in the sector. Whether we’re delivering crude oil barrels, solar energy panel technologies or industrial lubricants, we have sector specialists manage the process.

The rigour of our quality evaluations doesn’t halt once we’ve delivered what you need. We use our in-house checklist to ensure that the product in your hand is fully compliant with all international and national regulations.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Monitoring

We monitor each and every stage of the supply chain

High Standards

Constant quality checks upstream, midstream and downstream

Coherent Quality-Checking Framework

Consistent assessment of all sourcing, transport and retail stages

Price Aware Supply Line

Lowering costs incurred between stages wherever possible