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Online Support

We are available online to address any questions and respond to all inquiries. Our commitment is to provide you with the necessary information to assure you that you have made the best product choice. We guarantee a response to online dashboard queries within 4 hours.

Your assigned case manager will consistently monitor your personal dashboard. Here, you can submit queries and upload or download relevant documents as needed.

Experienced Case Managers

A personalised customer service that ensures an expert individual is managing your case

We Are At 24/7 Support

An on-demand, quick response support service available 24/7 all year round

Private Personalised Dashboard

An encrypted dashboard for you and us to discuss options and exchange information

Online and by Telephone

A customer care package that includes all forms of communication including meeting in person

We are here to help

We are always happy to help you, get touch with us today itself!.

+44 20 8075 2888

+44 20 2375 2448

We are Efficient

Our line management structure ensures that any issues are flagged up and responded to rapidly

We are Organised

We regularly update your personal dashboard and we upload all documentation in real time

We are Trusted

We’ve built a reputation for honesty, integrity and clear communication with customers

We are Responsive

We’re always at hand. We keep you informed, and we are contactable 24/7

We are Flexible

We work to the timeline that suits you. We’re ready to modify your order should your requirements change

We are Diligent

We walk you through the relevant safety standards and help you understand the regulations