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The Belusi network delivers and installs Lithium-ion batteries, v-series wall mounted storage systems (including Tesla and LG products), electric vehicle batteries and LifePO4 batteries. We have a vast range of battery and energy storage products available for you. We source our products from leading manufacturers, and we offer a wide selection of alternatives to the more well-known ones. We help businesses and homes across Europe and North America to install efficient, low-cost energy storage solutions.

Our battery and storage solutions are specially customised for you to ensure your purchase is affordable and fit for purpose. We deliver and install batteries / storage systems sourced from world-leading technological innovators. We provide a comprehensive that includes energy optimisation advice and guidance.


Lithium-ion Batteries

Bespoke Lithium-ion battery supplies to fit your requirements

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries to keep vehicles operating at their best

V Series Wall Mounted Home Batteries

Cutting-edge home energy batteries from a wide range of manufacturers

LifePO4 Li-ion Noval Series

A smart technology lithium battery that can be monitored using your Android and IOS via Bluetooth

LifePO4 Li-ion HD Series Battery

Heavy duty, robust deep cycle batteries for cars, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts, caravans and other high demand applications

LifePO4 High Performance Battery Chargers

You can charge batteries at a higher current, faster and safer than with traditional lead-acid batteries.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Selection

Batteries and battery systems for all applications at all scales

Easy and Hassle-free

Seamless process from initial contact to final delivery

Bespoke Service

Batteries tailored to your needs and budget

Flexible Solutions

Always finding you the best & most affordable battery solutions