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Leading Energy Source Company

Belusi has been in the energy industry for over ten years, running a hassle-free and price competitive service for our customers. We guarantee affordability and ease like nobody else when it comes to supplying high-grade energy solutions at the best prices. We supply energy to hundreds of manufacturers, industrial producers, agricultural plants, farms, refineries, the automotive and aeronautical sectors, fuel retailers, governments and homeowners.

We’re a large and diverse network of energy suppliers bringing you a vast range of energy products – from crude oil and natural gas, to solar panel installation and industrial lubricants. We provide you with the most affordable energy solutions of the day because we have such a diverse base of suppliers at our fingertips.

Trusted Suppliers

We’re a large network of well-established energy suppliers bringing you high-quality energy at the lowest possible prices. The network spans all continents, from East Asia to Africa to North America, so we’re second to none when it comes to competing on price. We enable local and national businesses to reduce their energy costs because we use our global scale to your advantage. We’re not tied into constraining arrangements with just a few suppliers from a single region, so we can act quickly when market crises or political factors cause fluctuations in prices. We track market trends and geopolitical events by the day to maintain the flexibility of our service.

We offer the most flexible, price competitive and hassle-free energy solutions out there. We are uniquely dynamic and adaptable in the face of sudden change. When price fluctuations, geopolitical unrest, financial market crises or tax scheme policies emerge that mean your existing product choice is less preferential, we will immediately initiate a new solution to save you money and hassle.

We pride ourselves on the rigour of our quality assurance. We run systematic quality checks on all our products at source, during transportation, in storage and upon delivery. We are committed to supplying the most innovative and sustainable products to enhance your organisation’s performance.

Our regional headquarter offices are based in London, Chicago and Toronto. Our customer service team is comprised of three respective regional managers and two customer care officials in each office. We’re contactable every day of the week, all year round.

We are Reliable

Experienced Suppliers

Small-, medium-sized or bulk orders delivered on time every time

We are Trusted

Outstanding Reputation

Serving hundreds of industrial, agricultural, public sector and private buyers for over a decade

We are Diverse

Supplier Diversity

Utilising our scale and breadth as a supplier base to keep prices as low as possible

We are Responsive

Customer Oriented

We’re always at hand. We keep you informed and are contactable 24/7

We are Diligent

Certified Products

We provide manufacturer approved products that meet all international standards and national regulatory requirements

We are Flexible

Bespoke Solutions

Products that are geared to meeting your exact needs. A customised and tailored service.

Diverse Supply

We are a diverse and global network of suppliers of a comprehensive range of energies

Market Leaders

We have decades of experience and an outstanding track record in satisfying our customers

Competitive Solutions

We supply affordable industrial fuels, marked crude oils, solar power and lots more

Industry Experts

We’re experts in providing high-quality, regulation-compliant, innovative energy solutions