Forecourttech Conference 2019

Forecourttech conference 2019 debates the vital role of smart technologies in the gasoline retail sector of the future
Digital technologies are here to stay, and petrol / gasoline retailers are set to benefit from their ongoing development. With evidence mounting that retaining customers and increasing sales performance will mean investing in more digital technology, retail operators of the future are priming themselves for corresponding change.
Smart, cloud-based and other digital applications are enhancing retailers capabilities when it comes to collecting customer behaviour data and using data to drive sales. Analyses facilitated by digital technologies also help retailers to boost efficiency, enhance productivity and maximise profit margins.
The Forecourttech conference in October of this year focuses on future technologies that will enhance the customer experience and expand business operations. The event will see major forecourt operators as well as smaller scale companies discuss the technologies that will impact the smart future of petrol / gasoline retailing.
We will debrief customers on the main outcomes of these discussions. We continue to work with gasoline suppliers who provide products and services that can be integrated with smart technologies.